Capital Development


Delivering strong financial results while satisfying the most aware customer base our industry has ever seen continues to present dealers with more and more challenges. While keeping the dealer protected from increased regulatory requirements, AutoMethod’s customized approach addresses critical areas in dealership operations to improve performance and drive results.


What’s your second largest capital investment? Is it your newly remodeled building? Is it the new factory-mandated equipment and tools? Is it your furniture and fixtures? Or is it the processes that you have in place?
AutoMethod continuously stays in tune to the systems and processes being invested in nationally. We examine the processes our dealer partners are truly executing versus the results and outcomes expected. We assist our dealer partners in forming, documenting, adjusting, measuring, streamlining, and reviewing their process capital. AutoMethod executes customized strategies to ensure our dealers’ process capital delivers a consistent return and is in alignment with each dealer’s unique mission, vision, and values.