About Us




AutoMethod strives to be so effective, efficient, and knowledgeable in all aspects of the auto industry that we deliver unparalleled results for our dealer partners. We will champion the development of excellent people, sustainable processes, and consistent process execution.



Our vision is to be the most respected, sought after provider of dealer solutions in delivering profitability, compliance, and growth.



  • Growth – Our consistent, innovative, and relentless pursuit for personal and professional growth is the bedrock of how we operate. We demand it of ourselves, our team, and our business. We execute what we teach, train, and coach.
  • Results Driven – We hold ourselves and our results to be the benchmark for which excellence is measured. The results we deliver will be an elevating expectation that never cease to rise.
  • Efficiency – We are a company that can and will always do more with less.  We will maximize a dealer partners’ time and resources with less invasiveness to their time and revenue-generating activities.
  • Accountable – We mean what we say. We do what we say we will.
  • Transparency – We fully accept the responsibility we have to provide our dealer partners with results in an ethical, compliant fashion. We teach, train, and coach to excellence and are fully transparent in both our successes and failures. Our growth comes from recognizing, understanding, and learning from both.

Our Team

Kevin co-founded AutoMethod in 2016, which marked his fourteenth year in the auto industry. Having to simply fulfill an internship credit for his marketing degree, Kevin came into the industry as an enthusiastic green pea. Fourteen years later, he’s proud of his accomplishments from sales to general manager and everything in between.

Since 2009 Kevin has been developing stronger performers and improving processes and process execution for many dealers in MN, ND, SD, IA and WI. His extensive experience, knowledge, and ability to get results comes with a proven track for all of his dealer partners.

Kevin says, “I was fortunate early in my career to realize that being successful in the car business comes down to three things: grow and develop great people, have quality processes that deliver results, and consistently execute those processes. The magic comes when dealers and their people can do it amidst the semi-organized chaos that is a dealership.”
Kevin and his wife Wendy, are proud parents of two boys.